Sales Talent Partners is the premier talent agency nationally representing top sales talent to best-in-class high-tech organizations.


Our mission as a sales talent agency is to represent top sales people to the high-tech industry. We do this by helping sales professionals find those opportunities that will truly progress their career and for our clients, to obtain their most important asset, their people. We do this by employing a world-class team who implement a proven methodology allowing for an efficient, consistent and repeatable experience for all involved. 


Our team has an attractive blend of industry tenure and experience with a complimentary balance of a new-school approach and market knowledge. This unique combination has allowed us to build a superior brand and reputation that is unique to the marketplace. 

Sales Talent Partners Leadership Team

We believe strongly in treating people right and we are extremely confident you will be impressed with our uncommon commitment to quality and integrity. 

Colum Lundt
Managing Partner

Mike Myers


Joe Callina
 General Manager




Matt Benelli